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Long Term Care

With our ever-changing healthcare sector, increasing costs and longer life-expectancy rates, it's important to educate yourself about Long Term Care Insurance. Be certain you will be covered when you need it most.  Long term care is said to be the one expense late in life that eats away at a person's estate quicker than anything else.  Long Term Care Insurance can provide you coverage and piece of mind for home care and/or facility care.  It can give you the opportunity to stay in your home and protect your family from the strain of being full time informal care givers.  It also has care coordination built in to assist you and your family with these decisions. Having the option to allow a professional to attend to your needs allows your family to spend time with you as you are accustomed to. 

People often put off planning for long-term care because they do not want to think about a time when they might need it - despite statistics showing 75% of women and 66% of men will at some point in their lifespan need long term care.  Most people first learn or become concerned about long-term care only when they or a loved one needs it.  Waiting until ailments arise often limits your ability to obtain coverage, can be cost prohibitive at that point or depending on the ailment can prevent you from being able to make significant decisions for yourself.


Long Term Care Insurance should be a part of your retirement planning strategy.  Don't delay this important component of making the most out of your later years.  Connect with us now to learn more and get a quote.

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