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Medicare Supplements

Medicare is changing at a faster rate than ever before. With that, benefits, coverages, deductibles and copays are changing too.  Having Medicare Supplement Insurance is important to help you prevent greater out-of pocket expenses.  Christiansen and Bridges partners with all major Medicare Supplement carriers and can help insure you get the plan that best suits you.  We also provide contact resources on all Medicare related questions.

Health Care Clients

For existing clients who may need to access either Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California for any reason, including printing duplicate insurance cards, etc, please use the respective links below (click on the logos).

Medicare Supplement Insurance is a policy provided by a private insurance company that fills the gaps in coverage that your basic Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B plans do not cover. Medicare Part A and B, while covering close to 80% of your medical bills and expenses, certainly does not cover all costs. There are gaps in the coverage and that is why a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, sometimes called a Medigap policy, is recommended.  As the term Medigap implies, this coverage is designed to cover just that, the gaps that Medicare Part A and B do not pick up. Examples of what Medicare Supplement policies may cover could be both deductibles and/or co-pays.  As people age and are in their Medicare years, these expenses can add up and lead to a financial headache if not covered properly.


All Medicare Supplement policies are the same regardless of carrier.  Carriers, however, can choose which policies they wish to carry but again cannot alter these policies so you want to be sure you work with an agent that has access to a variety of carriers so that you are certain you get the best plan for you at the best cost!

Medicare Supplement Basics
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